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The villas are being cleaned prior to this. Please make arrangements to arrive after 4pm. If you need to check-in earlier please notify us in advance and we will try to accommodate you. Accessing the villa prior this time without the manager’s permission and prior arrangements will result in additional charges or loss of security deposit.


Please vacate the villa by 10am to allow for proper cleaning before the next guest arrives. Failure to vacate on time could result in additional charges or loss of security deposit if prior arrangements have not been made.

1. All bookings accepted by Reed Investment Properties, LLC are subject to these terms and conditions


a) QUOTES -Upon receipt of your Quote, we will honor your quote for no more than 48 hours.

b) BOOKING DEPOSIT - a Booking Deposit will be collected on all rentals booked unless you are booking within the 8 weeks before arrival time frame. This deposit is payable to Reed Investment Properties, LLC either by personal check, US Postal Money Order, or Credit Card (Discover, Master Card, Visa) or we can send you a PayPal invoice. This deposit is due immediately and is nonrefundable; however it will be deducted off your total rental balance due. Failure to pay the deposit will result in cancellation of the provisional booking.

c) BALANCE DUE- Full rental payment is due 8 weeks before the 1st night stay at all Reed Investment Properties. A reminder will be issued one week prior to your due date. Bookings made within 8 weeks prior to your first night stay are payable in full at the time of booking.

e) SECURITY / DAMAGE DEPOSIT -A Security Deposit must be selected at your time of booking. There are 2 options, $50 non-refundable, or $250 refundable, both cover you up to $250. The Security Deposit is charged to cover any costs for property damage. This does not limit your liability if the property sustains damage that exceeds the amount of the deposit that you have previously paid. You will be billed for all damages and replacement costs that exceed your deposit amount. Failure to pay this bill for property damage timely will result in legal action.

f. CANCELLATION CHARGES – We must be notified in writing as soon as possible in the event of cancellation. Should you cancel after the deposit is paid but before the balance is paid, your deposit is forfeited. If you pay the balance earlier than the due date and have to cancel before the due date then we will refund the balance amount (not including the reservation deposit). Once the full balance of your holiday is paid, and your arrival date is less than eight weeks away, then 100% of the cost is forfeited, if you cancel, and you must recover the loss from your travel insurance if possible. We cannot refund unused days (if you arrive late or depart early).

g. CHANGING DATES AND VILLAS — Once you have selected a villa and reserved it we will be unable to change the villa you have reserved because we have effectively taken it OFF THE MARKET from promoting it for those dates if you are within 56 days before your arrival. If you are outside of 56 days before your arrival we will consider changing dates and/or villas at our discretion for an additional fee of $100.

3. SECURITY / DAMAGE DEPOSIT -Accidental damage protection does not cover intentional damage or abuse, theft, etc. We require a current and active credit card on file on the day of your check-in with an expiration date after your departure date in the event of intentional damage or abuse, theft, etc. Please be aware that you can be held liable for damages in excess of the pre-authorized amount and by agreeing to these terms and conditions you authorize charges to your credit card for any damages in excess of the pre-authorized amount. You may also be liable for court costs, attorney’s fees, etc. to recover damages. We have the right to refuse a reservation request, if we feel the ages or makeup of the group poses a higher risk of property damage. The bottom line is “take care of the villa and you won’t have added charges.” Please be aware that our homes are inventoried for contents, including towels, linens, kitchen utensils and flatware, CDs, DVDs and video games and systems, hair dryers, etc. Missing items can cost you. Failure to clean the BBQ grill after you use it or leaving dirty dishes/pots/utensils in the sink or dishwasher without starting it with automatic dish soap will result in a $50 charge against your preauthorized amount. We don’t require our guests to do much before their departure but common courtesy dictates that guests leave the home in good condition. Cable TV and phone services in our homes have blocks on them to help prevent adding of features, such as pay per view movies, package add-ons, international calling, etc. If these blocks are circumvented by the guest and a charge for such items appears on the villas monthly bill with a service start date that coincides with your stay then we will seek payment for these services. We reserve the right to charge your credit card for these services for up to 60 days following your departure date.

4. COMPLAINTS – In the unlikely event of a complaint during your stay, this must be referred to the management company immediately during your stay. Complaints relating to how clean the villa or any of its amenities are, and discovered damages, must be reported to the management company within 24 hours of arrival or you have no recourse for those issues. Notifying management does not release you from responsibility for damages clearly caused by you. Our management team will do everything possible to fix any problems but they can’t fix what they don’t know about. All complaints must be submitted to the management company on our complaint form which will be supplied to you from the management company when you call. This form is designed to completely document the conversations of both guest and management to avoid misunderstanding and inaccuracies. It is also used to document corrective actions taken. If you make a complaint you must give management access to the house to confirm the problem and take corrective action. Failure to allow management to make corrective actions releases us, from any claim for compensation or any liability and recourse from you. Notice: Any and All Damage to the home should be reported immediately to our office 1-402-853-3172. This will allow for adequate remedy prior to the arrival of subsequent guest. If upon checkout, damage is found rendering the property unusable to the next guest and if other lodging has to be procured from outside our rental pool, you will be held liable for all cost associated with the relocation of the subsequent renters. Please be advised that after hour calls to the cell numbers could be assessed to you if you truly do not have an emergency. Some examples of emergencies are as follows: 1) A/C failure-not cooling 2) Furnas- not heating 3) Alarm issues 4) Plumbing leaks or flooding 5) Break-In or burglary. These are examples of emergencies that would warrant an after- hours call to the management company. A pool light not working at 1:00am, a burnt out light bulb at 11:00pm, internet not working, etc.…..these calls would be considered “non- emergency” calls and could be charged to you. If you are calling Reed Investment Properties to come to your aid, in a less than emergency situation, for every time they come out, there could be a $50.00 charge to you. Reed Investment Properties Office Hours M-F 8am-5pm Sat. 9am-1pm Brett 407-216-9060 or Cyndee 402-853-3172

5. HURRICANE POLICY – We do not offer refunds or reschedule trips due to hurricane activity. If you are concerned about possible interruption, cancellation or delayed travel due to tropical occurrences, you are strongly encouraged to purchase trip insurance at the time of booking. The peak season for tropical activity is August through October.

6. SMOKING, DRUGS AND NARCOTICS Smoking is allowed only outside the villa and your cigarettes must be disposed of properly. Failure to do so will result in a $50 charge. Any kinds of illegal drug, such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, meth, etc. are not permitted in our villas. Use of illegal substances in any of our homes will result in immediate eviction without refund or recourse and loss of your Security Hold or Deposit as well as additional charges relating to putting the villa back in rent-able condition. Use of illegal substances in any of our villas could also result in criminal prosecution.

7.ANIMALS AND PETS Animals and Pets Where Permitted, Reed Investment Properties, LLC will not be responsible for any adverse reactions from pet hair, dander, or any other allergic reactions guests might experience due to pets whatsoever. a) Only Dogs are permitted in our home. There is an additional charge per pet. b) The pet owner is totally responsible for the pet and its actions. c) No pets will be allowed to be left alone on the premises unless it is kenneled. If the guest does not kennel their Dog(s) while leaving the home unattended, they will be asked to immediately leave and will forfeit their payments. This rule is nonnegotiable and there will be no second chances. d) All pets must have current vaccinations. e) The pet owner understands that any pet causing a nuisance to anyone will be subject to eviction with no refund of payments for the unused portion of their stay. f) All pet ‘mess’ will be removed by the owner and disposed of in a proper fashion as it occurs and especially on vacating the premises. Any mess not removed will incur a $100 clean up fee. No pet mess to be left in garbage on day of departure. g) Pets are not allowed on any furniture or beds nor will the pet be allowed access to any of the homes bedrooms. h) The pet owner will be solely responsible for any stains /damage or odors caused by the pet above and beyond the non-refundable deposit, which could result in having the carpets cleaned or whatever is necessary to restore the home back to evidence free of pets. i) The owner shall be solely responsible for excessive hair removal and additionally billed $50.00. j) The owner shall ensure that the pet is tic / flea and worm treated before arrival. k) No pets allowed in the swimming pool. l) The pet owner will ensure that the pet does not go on to neighboring properties or does not use the pool deck as a bathroom. Please take your dog out to the grass and clean up immediately. If there is evidence that the pool deck was used as a kennel and smells of pet urine or pet stool, you will be assessed $50.00 for the additional labor to clean the pool area to restore it back to the condition it was in when you arrived. We are happy for you to be able to bring your dog with you, but when you leave, there should be absolutely NO evidence that the dog was there.

8. GAS GRILL - We are happy that we can provide free of charge a gas grill for your use. We would ask that you pull it away from the wall and out from the overhang prior to using it. In the event you would run out of propane or the tank is empty, or the grill is dirty it will be your responsibility to refill the tank or exchange it if you wish to use the grill and clean it if necessary, at your expense. Most home owners charge for grill use, we do not. If you would like to have the grill ready to use with full propane and cleaned prior to your arrival you can purchase the BBQ Grill Prep option for $50.

9. TRASH - Household waste must be placed in plastic bags within covered and sealed trash cans, not to exceed 45 gallon. Household trash cans cannot be placed curbside before 6:30pm on night before the day of pickup and must be placed back the next morning. Code Enforcement and Waste Management will cite all trash placed out earlier than allowed and not in the proper manner. You must put your trash out as instructed above or you could be assessed a fee for failure to do so. There is a recycle bin and a trash bin. You must recycle & it must go to the curb before 6:30pm on night before the day of pickup and must be placed back the next morning. Trash pickup for our homes is strictly regulated by the home owner’s association, the county or the city where the home is located in. Failure to follow the instructions in your “Final Confirmation” paperwork for Trash Pick Up can result in a fine from the regulating agency which will be deducted from your security deposit or hold. These fines are typically $25 per occurrence. Failure to place trash out for pick-up which results in an overflow of trash that the manager has to dispose of will result in a $25 deduction from your Security HOLD.

10. STAYING IN A VACATION HOME - If you’re expecting 5 star hotel quality pampering then you should stay at one of Disney’s executive resorts. If you want executive quality at a bargain basement price then you will be disappointed. If you’re expecting a comfortable, private home that is well maintained and clean, but not “sterile”, then you will have a great vacation and enjoy the home you selected. We do our best to meet the highest expectations within the limits of vacation home rentals. Most of our homes have amenities that other “standard” homes don’t. This makes them an exceptional value, but Reasonable Expectations will serve you well While we would like to make your stay as comfortable as being in your own home, there are always going to be some things that you wished that we had available for your use. We have made every attempt to insure that the staples are there for you, but sometimes things come up missing and we are not made aware of them. Should you come across something that you feel would have made a difference in your stay, please drop us an email and let us know. If you are in dire need during your visit, please call and we will make every reasonable effort to accommodate you. There are some items we would gladly reimburse you for, in example; batteries for the remote controls.

11. CONVENIENCE PACK –The main thing to remember if you have never rented a private vacation home before is that renting a vacation home is not like renting a hotel room. All of our homes are “Self-Catering” which means that there is no daily maid service, no onsite maintenance man, etc. Each home has a full kitchen if you want to prepare meals for your family. Each home also has a washer and dryer which you can freely use during your stay. Each home will have toilet paper to get you started but will not have daily consumables such as laundry detergent or dishwasher soap. We do have available for Purchase- Because we cannot accommodate to everyone’s liking their choice for toilet paper, paper towels, soaps etc. we have available for purchase a convenience pack with the items that we think you will most likely need to start out your stay. If you would like to purchase this “Convenience Pack” it is available to do so as an option in your contract. If you choose not to purchase it, there are a lot of Dollar Store’s and Wal-Marts that you can purchase what you like or you can bring the items from home. Furnishing a home with all of the starter supplies is by far more costly then is for a hotel with just a bathroom and no kitchen or washer and dryer etc. We are providing you an option to purchase this as a convenience to you our customers. You are no way obligated to purchase it. If you have questions, do not hesitate to call Cyndee @ 402-853-3172

12. VIDEO GAMES, MOVIES & HOUSE ITEMS - Please be aware that our homes are inventoried for contents, including towels, linens, kitchen utensils and flatware, CDs, DVDs and video games and systems, hair dryers, etc. Missing items can cost you. We apologize if we do not have what you were looking for, but we cannot accommodate everyone’s preference. There are numerous “red box” rental places that you can rent exactly what you like. Having batteries on hand has also been a problem. Our management company verifies that the remotes are all in working order prior to our guest’s arrival.

13. POOL / SPA HEAT - Our pools have optional heat available via electric heat pump or gas heater (depending on the home). During the months of November – March extra heat via the electric heat pump or gas heater is recommended to provide for comfortable water temperatures. If extra heat is desired please request this before your balance payment is due. Extra heat via the electric heat pump is $25 per day or $175 per week. If the pool has a gas heater pool heat is available for $30 per day or $210 per week. We cannot guarantee the temperature of any heated pool as this will vary according to several factors – the main one being prevailing weather conditions. There are no refunds for pool heat because of weather conditions or non-use of the pool. Do not attempt to adjust pool controls, including the temperature controls as this can result in damage to pool equipment. Adjustments must be made by the manager. For assistance with any pool issue you must contact the manager. Remember, these are residential pool heaters and generally speaking, pool temperatures will only reach 10 degrees above the average outside air temperature. If you have selected pool heat, or are thinking about it, you should monitor the Orlando temperatures to see if pool heat will be worthwhile. You can then let us know BEFORE YOUR ARRIVAL DATE if you would like to add or remove it from your reservation. The pool heater operates when the pool pump is on and in the winter months this is set to come on for 8 hours per day. In the coldest winter months heating the pool can be a problem. Florida has a temperate climate but we do get cold fronts coming in from the north that can bring overnight low temperatures in the 30's and 40's - these can last for several days. Under these circumstances there is no way the pool heater will be able to keep the water at a comfortable temperature. Electric pool heaters are heat pumps and have almost no effective heating capacity when the air temperature falls below 50 degrees. The Gas heated pools will heat considerably better. A standard private swimming pool contains on average 13,000 gallons of water so heating it up is NOT instantaneous. Depending on the outside air temperature, a typical electric heater will generally raise the water temperature around 10 - 12 degrees per day and there will be cooling off overnight when the air temperature drops. If the pool heater suffers mechanical failure we will do our best to repair the unit as quickly as possible. This being said, parts may be required and they may have to be ordered - repairs cannot always be made the same day they are reported. If the pool heater does fail you will receive a refund for any days where the pool heater was inoperable due to mechanical failure. Please note that cold weather does NOT constitute a mechanical failure and no refunds will be given for problems that are due to cold weather. : The American Swimming Association and the American Red Cross recommend that for comfortable swimming, the pool heat should be set to 82º. We follow that recommendation however we do set our pool to 85º if the pool is not maintaining at least 20º warmer than the average outside temperature, feel free to contact our management company during business hours (9-5) at 407-216-9060.

14. SPA ONLY HEAT (If your home has one) – Spas in most vacation homes in the Orlando area (as part of the pool deck) function differently than what you would call a hot tub and you should not expect dramatic differences between pool temperatures and spa temperatures. Spas that are part of the pool deck (concrete construction) are considered “water features” and do not usually function as true spas or hot tubs do. Also, these types of spas do not produce bubbles. If your home comes with an in-ground spa then this uses the same pool heater. If you have not paid for pool heating or spa only heating then the pool heater will not be turned on and the spa will not get hot. Under normal pool operation the spa and pool water will be the same. Spas can be made to get hotter than the regular pool and this is achieved by a system of valves. When the spa is turned on the water flow to the pool is shut off and just the spa water is circulated through the heater. This is a smaller volume of water and so it will get hotter quicker. Spas are usually heated to around 100 degrees. Again - this is NOT instantaneous, it will need to run for a while to get hot. Please be aware that when the heater is in spa mode all the heat is diverted to the spa - the pool will not be heated so do not leave the heater in spa mode permanently.

15. FORCE MAJEURE – We cannot be held responsible for or liable in respect of loss, damage or changes caused by force majeure such as strikes, floods, closure of air- ports, weather conditions or other events beyond our control. This includes changes to or removal of community/resort amenities.

16. MOVING FURNITURE- At no time is a guest allowed to rearrange the furniture in the home. If any furniture in the home has been moved from their original position, an additional fee with be charged for moving this furniture back along with any damage that occurred in the process of moving it.

17. MAXIMUM CAPACITIES – Each Villa has a maximum occupant capacity. These capacities are for guests “staying in the villa” not for day visitors. There may be restrictions on the number of day visitors you may have at any one time also. Typical villa maximum capacities are:

4 Bedroom Homes = 8-10

5 Bedroom Homes = 10-12

6 Bedroom Homes = 13-16

8 Bedroom Homes = 16-18

THE ABOVE MAXIMUM CAPACITIES ARE A GUIDE ONLY. THE MAXIMUM CAPACITY OF THE VILLA YOU RESERVED MIGHT BE DIFFERENT FROM THE ABOVE. PLEASE REFER TO THE VILLA PROPERTY PAGE FOR THE SPECIFIC MAXIMUM CAPACITY OF THE VILLA YOU RESERVED. Recommended capacities are normally at least 2 less than the above capacities. A word of advice, you will enjoy your stay much more if you don’t try to overcrowd. It’s worth the extra to have a little more space. Our staff manager has the right to request a head count of your group at any time during your stay to check the total number of your group. EXCEEDING MAXIMUM CAPACITIES WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE EVICTION WITHOUT REFUND OR RECOURSE.


• During your occupation of the villa we expect you to take all reasonable responsibility for the safety and security of the property (e.g. ensuring that the property is secure when you go out and supervising children to avoid domestic hazards and accidents). We will not be held responsible for accidents in the home or the pool area and recommend that children are supervised at all times while in or near the pool area.

• We cannot be held responsible for any withdrawal of amenities within the development or any breakdown of equipment, appliances in or around your vacation home during your stay.

• All personal items and valuables are your own responsibility and we will not be held responsible for reclaiming items left in the vacation villa after your party has departed. Please take every precaution to secure your valuables when you are not in the villa.

• Please be aware that the villa is situated within a mixed community of vacation homes and residential homes. We cannot therefore, be held responsible for any on-going construction, alternations to existing homes or any noise or nuisance on or around the housing development.

• Our Villas are SELF CATERING. Although we provide towels, linens, starter toilet paper and courtesy soaps in each bathroom, etc., we don’t supply enough of these items for your entire stay. You will probably need to purchase items such as laundry detergent, regular size soaps, shampoos, etc. to meet the needs of the size of your party and the length of your stay.

19. PARKING AND HOA – NO PARKING ON THE GRASS! Parking on the grass will result in forfeiture of your Security HOLD or a significant charge against your Security Deposit due to damage to the lawn irrigation system. Exceeding the maximum parking capacity without prior authorization from the HOA can result in a fine to the owner which will be deducted from your Security HOLD. It can also result in denied access to the community or towing at your expense. Don’t assume that the HOA won’t notice because the fact is that most of the HOAs know us and contact us when there are problems. Gated communities record all cars and the number of people in the car and the home they are staying in. If there are excess guests or cars in a specific home the guard at the gate can deny you access to the community. Gated communities also require documentation of your reservation so you will need to present them with a copy of your reservation as well as the document showing the address of the home you are staying in.

20. LIABILITY – During your stay, our agents and we will not accept any liability whatsoever for death, personal injury, accidents, illness, loss or damage to persons or property, however caused. We do our best to provide a safe environment for our guests but you assume full responsibility for all persons in your party. Please keep a close eye on your children and keep them from potential harm. By agreeing to these policies you hold us and our agents blameless and free from lawsuits for any injury to your party or loss of your personal property that may occur during your stay.

21. CHECK-OUT LIST – Below is the checkout procedure which lists your responsibilities for leaving the home in a good condition when you depart. Failure to follow the checklist could result in a charge against your Security HOLD either in part or for the entire Security Hold amount. Remember, this is a “Self-Catering” villa which means that you have a responsibility for care of the home as well as for the condition you leave it in. The property manager will document the condition of the home, which includes taking pictures of homes that are left in unsatisfactory condition. Please do your part and take care of the home and leave it in good condition. Your extra efforts are greatly appreciated.

If you purchased a standard cleaning:

1) Strip all beds and place in a pile on the top of the bed.

2) Pick up all trash off the floors that cannot be vacuumed.

3) Bag all trash in all rooms and place in the bins outside

4) Rinse off all dirty dishes and place in dishwasher, add detergent and start.

5) Spot clean all spills.

6) Rinse recycled goods and place in recycling bin.

7) Turn off lights and air conditioning.

8) Lock Door

If you purchased a deluxe cleaning:

1) Turn off lights

2) Turn off Air Conditioning

3) Lock Door

If a home requires extra cleaning because you left the home in a bad state then you will be charged for a deluxe clean.

22. CLUBHOUSE AMENITIES – You (only listed guests staying with us) are welcome to enjoy the clubhouse amenities if your vacation home is located in a resort community. We ask that all members of your party act in a responsible manner at all times in and around the clubhouse. Due to maintenance and unforeseen actions by resort management we cannot guarantee what amenities will be available for usage.

23. ENTRY BY REED INVESTMENT PROPERTIES Reed Investment Properties or its agents may enter the property in case of an emergency, to make any repairs, alterations or improvements, to supply services, to show the property to prospective purchasers, renters or contractors, or upon reasonable suspicion that guest has breached any of its obligations hereunder. We will try to provide at least 1 hours’ notice of intent to enter the property except in the case of an emergency, provided, that failure to provide advance notice of intent to enter the property shall not affect our ability to enter for the reasons set forth above.

I have read, understand and accept the Terms and Conditions as stated on behalf of my party and me. I am over 25 years of age and understand that any dispute or other legal action concerning this Agreement, including any arbitration or litigation proceedings shall be conducted in Lancaster County Nebraska.

Questions and/or Comments Please email to: [email protected] / Call us at 1-844-DPVILLA / FAX 1-844-DPVILLA