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This is a Vacation Rental Agreement. The rights and obligations of the parties to this agreement are defined by law and include unique provisions. Your signature on this agreement, payment of money, or taking possession of the property after receipt of the agreement, is evidence of your acceptance of the agreement and your intent to use this property for a vacation rental.


One week before your arrival a link / email will be sent with all the house information, address, your unique door code, gate codes, etc. This is generated by our reservation system and will only be sent once all required items have been received in our office.




The villa is being cleaned prior to this time. Please make arrangements to arrive after 4 pm. If you are wanting to check-in earlier please notify us in advance and we will try to accommodate you. Accessing the home prior to this time without the manager’s permission and prior arrangements could result in additional charges or loss of security deposit.




Please vacate the villa by 10 am to allow for proper cleaning before the next guest arrives. If you want a later check out time, please notify us in advance and we will try to accommodate you, but if a guest is checking in that day, we would need you to depart by 10AM.


All bookings accepted by Reed Investment Properties, LLC are subject to these terms and conditions. If we feel the ages or makeup of the group poses a higher risk to the property, we may refuse or cancel the reservation.




A) QUOTES: Quotes are good for 48 hours and will be honored. As you are booking one of our homes and taking it off the market for other potential guests to not be able to rent the contract price is locked in. You are booking to guarantee you stay in the house you choose for your dates. 

B) BOOKING DEPOSIT: A booking deposit will be collected on all rentals booked unless you are booking within 8 weeks of your arrival date. This deposit is nonrefundable; however, it will be deducted from your total rental balance due. We are not able to hold a home without a booking deposit being paid.

C) BALANCE DUE: Full rental payment is due 8 weeks before the 1st night stay at all Reed Investment Properties. A reminder will be issued one week prior to your due date. Bookings made within 8 weeks of your first night stay are payable in full at the time of booking.

D) GUEST IDENTIFICATION: The undersigned person must be age 25 or older and agrees to email a full color legible copy of a government issued photo ID to us before home information will be shared.

E) ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE PROTECTION FEE: There is a damage protection fee for each reservation that will cover accidental or inadvertent damages - these must be reported immediately to be covered. The value of the damage protection is up to $1,000. Intentional damage, theft or gross negligence is not covered and will result in additional costs. This does not limit guest’s liability if the property sustains damage that exceeds the amount of that coverage. Signee will be billed for all damages and replacement costs that exceed the protection fee amount. Failure to pay this bill for property damage in a timely manner will result in legal action. We do require a valid credit card on file (with an expiration date at least 60 days following departure date) one week before entering the home which is the same procedure as checking into a hotel.

F) GUEST CANCELLATION PROCEDURE: We must be notified in writing as soon as possible in the event of cancellation. Should you cancel after the deposit is paid but before the balance is paid, the deposit is forfeited. If you pay the balance earlier than the due date and have to cancel before the due date then we will refund the balance amount (not including the reservation deposit). Once the full balance is paid, and the arrival date is less than eight weeks away, then 100% of the cost is forfeited, if you cancel, and you must recover the loss from travel insurance if possible. We cannot refund unused days (if you arrive late or depart early). This is the effective cancellation policy unless otherwise stated on partner websites.

G) CHANGING DATES AND VILLAS: Once signee has selected a villa and reserved it we will be unable to change the villa that was reserved because we have effectively taken it off the market from promoting it for those dates (if you are within 56 days of your arrival). If outside of 56 days before arrival we will consider changing dates and/or villas at our discretion for an additional fee of $100.




A) We require a credit card on file one week before the day of check-in with an expiration date at least 60 days after your departure date in the event of damages that exceed the deposit amount.

B) By signing this agreement, you authorize charges to your credit card for any damages in excess of the deposit amount. In extreme cases, you may be liable for court costs, attorney’s fees, etc. to recover damages.

C) Our homes are inventoried for contents including towels, linens, kitchen utensils, small appliances, hair dryers, gaming equipment, etc. Missing items are classified as ‘Damage’.

D) Guests are responsible for payment of added features that are charged for cable TV and phone services (Pay-per view broadcasts, package add-ons, international calling, etc.). To help prevent adding these features unknowingly, we have blocks in place through our service providers. We reserve the right to debit the credit card on file for these services for up to 60 days following your departure date.



A) COMMUNICATION: Complaints are rare but do happen. Please refer any complaints to us immediately so we can work on a solution as fast as possible. Complaints related to cleanliness and discovered damages must be reported to us within 24 hours of your arrival. We may need to access the house to confirm the problem and take corrective action. All complaints must be submitted to us on our Fix It Form which can be found on the “Hospitality” app. This form is designed to allow guests to express concerns, request a response, and upload photos that support the complaint or concern.

 B) HOUSEKEEPING: Your unit will be thoroughly cleaned before your arrival. If you are not satisfied with the condition upon check-in, please contact our office immediately and we will dispatch a housekeeping representative. If you are a late arrival, please notify us by the following morning. If you have not called within 24 hours of your arrival, we will assume you found your unit in acceptable condition. We would ask that you leave your property in the order that you found it; this includes, but is not limited to, the placement of interior and exterior furniture.

C) URGENT / EMERGENCIES: As much as we try to be proactive, sometimes things break or stop working correctly and attention is needed immediately to fix the problem. In these cases, a phone call to management is necessary to address the situation as soon as possible. Our contact information can be found by using the Hospitality app. Examples of an emergency are as follows:

  1. A/C failure - Not cooling.
  2. Furnace failure - Not heating
  3. Alarm issues
  4. Plumbing leaks or flooding
  5. Burglary
  6. Fire

      Anything that causes severe damage to the property must be reported immediately.

D) NON-EMERGENCY CONCERNS / COMPLAINTS: Non-emergencies are handled during business hours please complete the “Fix it Form” on the mobile app, or give us a call during business hours and we will handle it promptly.  Examples of non-emergencies are as follows:


  1. A pool light / lightbulb burns out
  2. Internet not working
  3. TV remote not working
  4.  A controller not working on a game system


Please wait to contact management regarding issues like these until normal business hours.


4) HURRICANE POLICY: We do not offer refunds, vouchers, or reschedule rental dates due to hurricane activity. If there is a concern about possible interruption, cancellation or delay in travel due to tropical weather occurrences, it is strongly advised to purchase trip insurance for your stay.


5) SMOKING, DRUGS AND NARCOTICS: Smoking and vaping is not allowed inside the home. Cigarette and cigar smoking are allowed outside of the home and must be disposed of properly. E-cigarette vaping is also allowed outside the home. Use (or evidence of use) of any illegal substances on the property will result in immediate eviction and no refunds will be issued and the security deposit will be forfeited. Additional charges may result from costs related to putting the home back in rent-able condition.


6) ANIMALS AND PETS: Only homes that are designated “pet friendly” will allow dogs and a pet of any kind on the premises including exterior, decks, garages, etc. of a non-pet Property is absolutely prohibited and is grounds for expedited eviction of the entire party and forfeiture of all monies paid.   Our Fees are $100 for one dog and $50 each for the second and third.


Reed Investment Properties, LLC will not be responsible for any adverse reactions from pet hair, dander, or any other allergic reactions guests might experience due to pets.


A) Only dogs are allowed in the home. There is a non-refundable pet cleaning fee assessed per pet that must be paid prior to arrival. There are restrictions on the number of dogs and breeds for certain communities where our homes are located. If you have any questions please contact us immediately.

B) Pets are not allowed to be loose in the house while no one is there and must be in a kennel/pen.  Kennels / Pens are available for rent and can be delivered prior to your arrival at the house.  The pool area, garage or any rooms in the house cannot be used as a kennel/pen. We ask that you secure your dog if there is an emergency and we need to access the home. We have these rules in place to protect our home and your best friend.

C) All dogs must have current vaccinations for (canine distemper, rabies and upper respiratory (kennel cough) along with being treated for ticks, fleas and worms prior to arrival.

D) The guest understands that any pet causing a nuisance could force us to cancel the reservation without a refund.

E) Our home is pet-friendly, but the furniture is not. Please help us keep our homes nice by keeping pets off of all furniture including beds. We recommend restricting access to your dog to community areas of the home and not allowing them in the bedrooms.

F) Pets must be restricted from going onto neighboring properties.

G) The guest is responsible for any stains, damage, or odors caused by the pet above and beyond the pet cleaning fee.

H) No dogs allowed in the swimming pool, as the hair blocks the pool pump / strainers and can cause an unnecessary repair.

I) The guest must ensure that the pet does not use the pool deck as a bathroom or any part of the house. If your dog is not house trained, we are not a good fit for you. The use of pet pads is not allowed in the house.

J) All pet ‘mess’ must be disposed of properly and as it occurs. Any mess not removed will incur a minimum clean-up fee of $100.


7) GAS GRILL: We provide a gas grill at all our home that is free to use, but the guest is responsible for the propane and cleaning. We ask that after using; please clean the grill for the next guest. Some of our homes do have grills that are fed gas from the house; please make sure you turn the gas off after use failure to do so could result in being billed for an excessive gas usage if let on for a prolonged amount of time. If the grill is next to a wall of the home, please pull the grill away from the wall and out from the overhang prior to lighting it. There is a BBQ Grill Prep Option available for $50. If you choose this option, we will clean the grill and make sure the tank is full prior to your arrival.


8) TRASH: The rules involving trash disposal are regulated and enforced by Code Enforcement, Waste Management and the homeowner’s association. We want our guests to be aware of these rules to avoid being assessed fees if found in violation.

A) Household waste must be placed in plastic bags. There should not be any loose trash placed in the outside garbage bins. The outside trash can should always be covered and sealed.

B) Please refer to your mobile app for proper trash and recycling protocol for your house.

C) Failure to put the trash out for pickup which results in trash overflowing from the bin may result in a fine being assessed and deducted from the security hold.


9) STAYING IN A VACATION HOME: Our staff is dedicated to maintaining high standards and they work hard to ensure your experience is even better than you envision. Every one of our homes includes amenities that other “standard” homes do not. This is what makes staying with us an exceptional value but it is important that guests arrive with reasonable expectations. We provide a comfortable, private home that is well maintained and clean. We do everything we can to make your stay as comfortable as being in your own home but sometimes there are going to be things that you wish we had available for your use. Should you come across something that you feel would’ve made a difference in your stay, please drop us an email, call or submit the “Guest request Form” found on the mobile app. If you are in dire need during your visit, please call and we will make every reasonable effort to accommodate you. We are extremely grateful to have you staying with us and look forward to your visit.


10) HOME STARTER PACK: If this is the first time renting a private vacation home, it’s important to understand that renting a home is not the same as staying in a hotel room. Our home is “Self-Catering” which means that there is no daily maid service, no onsite maintenance person, no front desk, etc. The home has a full kitchen to prepare meals if you’d like. The home also has a washer and dryer which can be used freely during your stay. We stock the home with toilet paper to get you started but will not have daily consumables such as laundry detergent, dish washing soap, paper towels, etc.


11) POOL / SPA HEAT: One of the most popular options that guests choose is pool/ spa heat. During the months of November to March, pool heat is recommended to provide comfortable water temperatures. Depending on the home, each pool has either an electric heat pump or a gas heater.


                        Homes with electric heat pump: $25 per day or $175 per week.

                        Homes with gas heater: $30 per day or $210 per week.


It’s important to note that pool heaters are not meant to work instantaneously. Residential pools on average contain around 13,000 gallons of water so it takes time to raise the temperature. Generally speaking, pool temperatures will reach 10 degrees above the average outside air temperature and will cool off overnight. If you are considering pool heat as an option, we recommend monitoring the Orlando temperatures to help decide if pool heat will be worthwhile. You must let us know before your arrival date if you wish to remove this option from your reservation.

Florida has a warm temperature climate but we do get cold fronts that can bring overnight low temperatures in the 30’s and 40’s and can last for several days. Under these circumstances the pool heater will not be able to maintain warm temperatures. The colder it is outside, the harder the heater has to work to maintain ideal temperatures. We cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the pool heater due to the factors described. There are no refunds for pool heat due to weather conditions. For assistance with any pool issue you must contact the manager. Do not attempt to adjust the pool controls, including temperature settings, as this poses a high risk of damage to the pool equipment and you could be held liable for damages that result from tampering with the controls.

            If you suspect the pool heater suffered a mechanical failure, contact us immediately as we can monitor the pool/spa temp remotely and see if it is working. We will do our best to repair the unit as quickly as possible. Parts may be required to be shipped in order to fix the problem so repairs cannot always be made the same day they are reported. If this happens, you will receive a refund for any days where the pool heater was inoperable due to mechanical failure. Cold weather does not fall into the same category as mechanical failure and no refunds will be issued for this reason. Feel free to request non-emergency assistance if you feel like the pool is not maintaining at least 10 degrees above the average outside temperature.


12) SPA ONLY HEAT: If your home comes with an in-ground spa then it uses the same pool heater. If you have not paid for pool heat or spa only heat, then the pool heater will not be turned on and the spa will not get hot. Under normal pool operation the spa and pool water will be the same temperature. When the spa is turned on, the water flow to the pool is shut off and only the spa water is circulated through the heater. In other words, the pool will not heat when spa mode is on. Spas are usually heated to around 100 degrees. Please keep in mind we do not have Hot Tubs, but in ground spas that are attached to the pool and uses the same water.


13) FORCE MAJEURE:  We cannot be held responsible for or liable in respect to loss, damage or changes caused by force majeure such as strikes, floods, closure of airports, extreme weather conditions or other events beyond our control.


14) MOVING FURNITURE: At no time are guests allowed to rearrange the furniture in the home. If furniture is moved from its original location, an additional fee may be assessed for moving it back and any damage that was caused by moving it. 


15) MAXIMUM CAPACITY: We have the right to request a head count of your group at any time during your stay. If the headcount exceeds maximum occupancy, we have the right to immediately evict all guests without refund of any monies paid. Refusal to allow a headcount will be treated the same as exceeding maximum occupancy. Maximum capacities are for all guests staying in the home, not for day visitors.


Recommended maximum capacities are as follows:

4 Bedroom Home: 8

5 Bedroom Home: 10

6 Bedroom Home: 12

8 Bedroom Home: 16


The above list is only a guide. Refer to the property web page for the specific maximum capacity for the home you reserved.


16) ACCOMMODATION: Since the home is “Self-Catering”, we don’t supply consumable items beyond limited toilet paper and courtesy soaps in each bathroom. Guests will most likely need to purchase items such as laundry detergent, soap, shampoo, sun screen, toilet paper, etc. to meet the needs of the party for the duration of your stay.

A) Guests are expected to take all reasonable responsibility for the safety and security of the property (Ensuring the property is secure when you go out, supervising children at all times, adhering to the rules regarding pool / spa use, etc.)

B) We cannot be held responsible for any withdrawal or change of amenities within the community development as we do not have any authority beyond the property itself. As for the home we will make every reasonable effort to fix problems that are reported immediately during your stay.

C) All personal items are your own responsibility and we will not be held responsible for reclaiming items left in the home after your party has departed. Please take precautions to secure valuables especially when you are not in the home.

D) Be aware that the home is situated within a mixed community of vacation homes and residential homes. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for any on-going construction, alterations to existing homes or any noise or nuisance on or around the housing development.

E) Resorts / Gated Communities have rules and regulations that need to be followed. These rules cover parking, quiet hours, cleanliness of the exterior of the property and more. Guests are expected to abide by the rules of the community. Should a guest fail to follow all posted rules and a fine is assessed against the property, the guest is responsible for paying the fine.


17) PARKING AND HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION: Every community that our homes are located in have their own set of rules for parking, quiet times and trash/recycling pick up. Please refer to the mobile app for the rules and regulations for the community the home you are staying in is located. Some communities offer overflow parking on a first come first serve basis. We cannot guarantee the availability of these parking spots.

            NOTE: Gated communities require documentation of your reservation so you will need to present a copy of your reservation including the address of the home you are staying in.


18) LIABILITY: Reed Investment Properties, LLC and our agents are not responsible or liable whatsoever for accidents, illness, personal injury, death, loss or damage to persons or property, however caused. By agreeing to the terms of this contract, you hold Reed Investment Properties, LLC and our agents blameless and free of any lawsuits for any injury to you, your party, or loss or damage of personal property that may occur during your stay. We take the safety of our guests seriously and do our best to provide a safe environment but signee assumes full responsibility for all persons in the party. Children must be closely monitored at all times and kept away from potential harm.


19) CLUBHOUSE AMENITIES: Only listed guests staying with us are welcome to enjoy the clubhouse amenities if the vacation home is located within one of these communities. Due to maintenance and unforeseen actions by resort management, we cannot guarantee that resort amenities will be available for use.


20) ENTRY BY REED INVESTMENT PROPERTIES: Reed Investment Properties, LLC or its agents may enter the property in case of an emergency, to make any repairs, alterations or improvements, or upon reasonable suspicion that guest has breached any of its obligations hereunder. We will try to provide at least 1 hours’ notice of intent to enter the property except in the case of an emergency. Failure on our part to provide advance notice of intent to enter the property shall not affect our ability to enter for the reasons set forth above.


21) CHECK-OUT LIST: Below is the checkout procedure which lists what is expected for leaving the home in good condition when you depart. The property manager will document the condition of the home, which includes taking pictures of homes that are left in unsatisfactory condition. Your extra effort to leave the home in good condition is greatly appreciated. If upon checkout, damage is found rendering the property unusable to the next guest and if other lodging has to be procured from outside our rental pool, signee will be held liable for all costs associated with the relocation of the subsequent renters.

If you purchased a standard cleaning:

  1. Pick up all trash off the floors that cannot be vacuumed.
  2. Bag all trash in all rooms and place in the bins outside
  3. Rinse off all the dirty dishes and place in the dishwasher then add detergent and start.
  4. Spot clean all spills.
  5. Rinse recycled goods and place them in the recycling bin.
  6. Turn off lights and air conditioning.
  7. Lock Door

If a home requires extra cleaning because it was left in a bad state then a charge will be assessed for a deluxe cleaning.

Signee will be assessed additional fees if a mess is left behind involving ANY bodily fluids. This includes used tissues and feminine products.


 If you purchased a deluxe cleaning:

  1.  Turn off lights
  2. Turn off Air Conditioning
  3. Lock Door

 22) CANCELLATIONS BY US: If your Property becomes unavailable prior to your occupancy, we will make every effort to substitute a reasonably comparable property. We will notify you of this circumstance as soon as we become aware of it. If we are unable to substitute a reasonably comparable property, we will refund 100% of your advance rental payments. We reserve the right to automatically cancel a reservation if full payment is not received at least 56 days prior to the arrival date. We reserve the right to cancel this agreement at any time prior to and upon the arrival of the guest taking possession of the property for violations of this contract. In such an event we will not be liable for any damages of any sort incurred by guests as a result of such cancellation.


23) ERRORS AND OMISSIONS: While we make every effort to ensure that information published for our properties and communities is current, occasionally we are not fully informed of changes made, that have not yet been reflected in property information publications. Guests understand that we will not be held responsible / liable for such changes, variations, omissions or errors relating to the subject property or community.


24) CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION: Guest agrees to provide Reed Investment Properties with a valid credit card for the duration of the reservation. Guest is providing the credit card as a guarantee. Guest certifies that he/she has read and agrees to abide by the terms of this agreement, and agrees to pay and authorize Reed Investment Properties to charge any rental amounts, taxes, security deposits, extra cleaning, missing property and any damages not covered under the Damage Deposit and fines or charges pertaining to violations of the rental agreement.  Should we be unable to recover costs from the credit card on file, Tenant is responsible to provide an alternative method of reimbursement within 48 hours of notification


25) SIGNATURES: By my signature, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to abide by the conditions set forth in this rental agreement and all policies, regulations, and rules set forth by Reed Investment Properties I further understand and agree that to breach any items contained within the above referenced documents or failure to adhere to the terms and conditions could result in my eviction without refund, loss of deposit and/or incur additional fees.  I understand that Reed Investment Properties has made every effort to provide accurate information, however, in the event of errors, omissions, any changes us, I agree not to hold Reed Investment Properties responsible or liable. Any dispute or other legal action concerning this Agreement, including any arbitration or litigation proceedings shall be conducted in Lancaster County Nebraska.