Orlando Vacation Rental Amenities

Below are the most popular options to a home rental and can be added at any time. Pictures are for illustration purposes only.


 Free WIFI in all our homes.

 Pack n Play

1st Pack n Play - Free to Use

Additional Pack n Plays - $3.00 per day each with 4 day minimum.


1st Highchair- Free to Use

Additional Highchairs - $3.00 per day each with 4 day minimum.

Pool / Spa Heat

Pool and Spa heat is $30 per day with a 4 day minimum depending on your home.

If your home has a spa you can order spa only heat for $15 per day with a 4 day minimum.

A misconception is that we have hot tubs, but our homes have spas that are attached to the pools.

Crib Rental

 $7.00 per day with a 4 day minimum

Single Stroller

$7.00 per day with a 4 day minimum

BBQ Grill Prep

$50 for your entire stay

Each of our homes have a grill that is free to use but we are not responsible for propane or to make sure it is clean. There will be a tank with the grill at the home but we are unable to tell you how much propane is in it. If the tank is empty and you would like to use the grill it will be your responsibility to fill it at your expense and clean the grill if it is dirty.  If you would like a full propane tank at the house and the grill clean for your arrival. Please select this item and the grill will have a full tank for you to use during your stay.


Note: Homes with outdoor kitchens do not need a propane tank as the grill is fed gas from the house.

Daily Pool Service

 $30 per day

  1. Clean skimmer baskets
  2. Skim pool of debris
  3. Check pump and heater
  4. Test Water
  5. Fill pool to proper level

Deluxe Cleaning


Our homes come with a standard cleaning, if you would like to upgrade to a deluxe cleaning your check out procedure is:

  1. Turn off all lights and air conditioner
  2. Lock door

If you would like to stay with the standard clean that is included in your rental we would like your help in completing the following items upon departure. 


  1. Strip all beds and place in a pile on the top of the bed.
  2. Pick up all trash off the floors that cannot be vacuumed.
  3. Bag all trash in all rooms and place in the bins outside
  4. Rinse off all dirty dishes and place in dishwasher, add detergent and start.
  5. Spot clean all spills.
  6. Rinse recycled goods and place in recycling bins.
  7. Turn off all lights and air conditioner.
  8. Lock Door.